A “living will” is a document known in Texas as a Directive to Physicians in a form as contemplated by Texas Health & Safety Code section 166.033. Its purpose is to state your intention with regard to artificially prolonging your life. In other words, with this instruction, you may direct that life-sustaining treatment be administered, withheld, or withdrawn. Texas Health & Safety Code section 166.031(1). Very bluntly, this document reflects your request to be “unplugged” in the event of a terminal or irreversible condition. Specific concerns may also be itemized in your living will. For example, if you do not wish to be dependent on a respirator if you are determined to have no brain activity, you may say so. Likewise, if you wish to always be provided intravenous fluids, but do not want to be reliant on a feeding tube and have an imminently terminal condition, this may be stated as well. This document is revocable at any time. Texas Health & Safety Code section 166.042. This document is one part of a set of documents to specify your wishes with regard to your medical care.

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