A will is your final personal statement that includes instructions about the custody of your children, who will own your property, and who will inherit your money. Without a will, the State of Texas determines who raises your children and who inherits your property and money. For this reason, it is important that everyone write a legal will. Most people avoid writing wills because they don’t like to think about their death and the details that follow. Once you decide that you prefer to determine your children’s guardian and who inherits your property and money, the process of writing a will doesn’t take much of your time. The whole process usually takes a couple of meetings and less than a couple of weeks. It is also important to update your documents periodically. A simple will is $800.00, a will with simple trust language is $900.00 and other papers (powers of attorney, etc.) are $100.00 each. Please see the Will Information sheet on the Legal Forms page, which requests vital information in order to draft your documents.

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