What are my duties to provide the children to extracurricular activities during my visitation?

Your order states exactly when you are to have the child. The order should also address your obligations to do the shuttling back and forth to extracurricular activities. Check your order again, send the other parent notice in writing for the dates to which you are entitled to the child, then show up at the other parent’s house to pick up the child according to your schedule. Go to a nearby business and buy something, anything, coke, gum, keep the receipt. Tape the receipt to your calendar. Do this when you attend a sporting event. Then do it again the next time you should have the child. This shows you were in the vicinity of the ordered pick up place/sports event place at the appropriate time. In other words, this is evidence against the other parent for a motion to enforce visitation, or just for your motion to modify the visitation schedule. Then you are ready to file a Motion to Modify and to show the court how much time and money it takes to visit your kid. Further, it shows you have no discretion about how you spend time with your kid. More and more, orders address the extracurricular activities for children, how they affect your access, who pays for what, etc.

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