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Texas Wills and Living Wills

Dallas Wills AttorneyWills are very important in law, as they determine how assets are given to the named heirs. The existence of such a document is crucial as with it will be much simpler to determine which party will receive the assets of the person who has died. While the death of someone you care about is a moment that can be painful, the distribution of all assets that belonged to that person is something that needs to be done as fast as possible. This way the now deceased person will have his/her will acknowledged and completed, and their wishes fulfilled.

Nobody actually knows what tomorrow will bring so you do need to be prepared with such a will, and the best way to do this is by contacting a Dallas Wills Attorney. There are two kinds of wills, handwritten and ceremonial wills. There are multiple requirements when it comes to a will of either variety. First of all, it needs to comply with the requirements with the Texas Estates Code. If the document is typewritten, in order for a document to be recognized as a will, it must be signed by the testator and also be attested by witnesses, under very specific circumstances. It’s important to review your document with an attorney, or better yet, have the attorney draft it, before using it. It must be determined if the will complies with the statute and everything is in order. In order for a handwritten document to be acknowledged as a will in the state of Texas it must be written by hand by the person that makes it. Only a good Dallas Wills Attorney can help you in this regard, and she will make sure that all the information included in it is compatible with the Texas law.

As expected, a will can be contested and there is a time limit for that, once it was admitted to probate. This time limit is two years after the probate court has admitted the will to probate. Incidentally, “probate” means to publish the will. This limit can be surpassed only in some very special cases, so it’s important to make sure that the right actions are made in due time.

You also have the right to create a living will. Accidents or any other health event can take us by surprise. This type of document is specifically designed to express your wishes when it comes to artificially prolonging your life. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your own will or desire is respected if your health fails, and prevents you from communicating your wishes while you are compromised.

In each of these cases, it’s vital to make sure that the document is authorized and legal, and that’s why contacting a Dallas Wills Attorney is very important. Only by contacting such a legal representative you can be sure that your will is created according to the Texas laws and it will be taken into consideration when the need for it arises. To learn more about living wills and wills in the state of Texas by clicking here.